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For the last four decades, Noor 8 has exemplified artisanal excellence. Today, Noor 8 is still a family-owned company. Built upon generations of craftsmanship and family heritage, we shine a light into the world that will never go out.


Shining The Light

Derived from the Arabic word for ‘light’, Noor brings illumination into our world. Drawing on 40 years of goldsmith excellence, we are the light that makes everything visible. The number eight signifies infinity, timelessness and the decade when our legend began: the ‘80s.

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Made For Adoration

Noor 8 strikes with an evocative and opulent style. There is a strong focus on timelessness, and the strength of legacy. Vivid words such as “shine,” “reflect” and “dazzle” are a representation, conjure the way that light plays on the precious stones, diamonds and handcrafted gold design of each masterful creation.

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